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New Contributor and Opportunities —

I hope everyone has been well, I know it’s been a while. Work has been wild to say the least. We have been very shorthanded for the past 45 or so days. We have gotten our staffing back on track though. I’ll start with the good news. Zen of PowerPC Liberation has gotten a project […]

Project Jalopy —

That’s right! This is going to be Rated Win’s first A to Z start to finish project! What’s a Jalopy you ask? As defined by Google a Jalopy is “an old car in a dilapidated condition.” Okay I know you might be asking yourself “Is this a computer blog or a car blog?” Jalopy might […]

The World Needs More Liberators and Luddites —

Ill say it again, The World Needs More Liberators and Luddites. Zen and Dan consistently provide new original content in regards to using PowerPC macs optimally and securely. They have both fought the “We must use OS X only” mentality in the PowerPC community. The collective effort of Zen and Dan have given everyone a […]