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Project Jalopy —

That’s right! This is going to be Rated Win’s first A to Z start to finish project! What’s a Jalopy you ask? As defined by Google a Jalopy is “an old car in a dilapidated condition.” Okay I know you might be asking yourself “Is this a computer blog or a car blog?” Jalopy might not be a perfectly applicable name to a computer project but I think it fits well.

Enough with the introduction! It’s time for the details. I raided a undisclosed recycle pile and came out with enough parts to build a PC. These parts have served their original purpose and are most likely destined for component level recycling. Here’s the actual list…

I nicknamed this jalopy because I’m sure many people would stick their noses up at a Socket A (462) system today. The Socket A (462) platform is special to me. It was the platform I used when I built my first computer. I am excited that it is the platform I will use for this project. My goal is to get this system up and running using Debian Wheezy as my OS. I want this machine to accomplish the following tasks…

  • Secure and modern web browsing using Ice Weasel and Luakit
  • Word processing and spreadsheet creation using Libre Office
  • DVD ripping and playback using Zen’s excellent Xvid information
  • Last but not least (and might I add the only task I am worried about) playing Minecraft

So there you have it, that’s what I hope to accomplish with Project Jalopy. My overall goal is to show what can be done with a hand-me-down / abandoned computer. I plan to tackle this project and document it in phases. I should also note that I am hoping to keep the money spent on this as minimal as possible. I am very excited to get this started; I hope you all enjoy it!

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