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I know this is an interesting first post after a hiatus. I saw something shady that I had to talk about.

A friend of mine asked me to look at a flash drive of his. He said that it worked at first but then it abruptly stopped working.

I plugged it in to my Debian desktop at work and got the following output from lsusb

Bus 001 Device 005: ID abcd:1234 Unknown

When I plugged the drive into a Windows machine it did show up as a USB Mass Storage Device but did nothing afterwards. Digging deeper into device manager showed error 10, the device cannot start.

The actual connector felt loose, this made me suspect that maybe the solder joints needed some attention. I took the drive out of the rubber case and opened it up to find a nasty surprise.

Fake Flash Drive

For a flash drive that is supposed to have a capacity of 256 gigabytes; don’t those internals look very simple? When compared to the 4 gigabyte flash drive to the right; it is obvious that we are dealing with a fake flash drive.

The drive is labeled as an Adata S007 256 gigabyte. When you go to Adata’s page for this product you see that the real drive’s capacity ranges from 4-32 gigabytes. This drive is a bogus fake, case closed.

Whenever you are shopping on line at a place like eBay or Amazon, it is crucial to check into the seller before you buy. The two places I mentioned have feedback systems that enable you to see the seller’s reputation. Last but not least, if you see a 256 gigabyte flash drive for $30 it is probably too good to be true.

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  1. zen says:

    It’s amazing what lengths people will go to scam and only make a few bucks. Pretty shameful.

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