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105mm of Horror —

As someone with little spare time to do anything just for fun; I like to use such occasions for worthy tasks – such as shooting a 105mm Howitzer from a Spectre gunship.  Just to be clear…  this isn’t a real Spectre gunship of course, but rather a game-based version.  The 105 Howitzer is an artilery canon that has been mounted in what is essentially a cargo plane converted to a gunship, which is the AC-130 Spectre; one of the most deadly weapons ever created on earth or in a video game.  I am not a violent person at all, but my families military history has made me into a bit of a weapons nerd.  Real life blood and death are very bad things to me, but virtual killing with a 105 is as good as it gets game-wise.

There are also three other weapons on the Spectre (a 40mm Bofors canon and two 20mm vulcan gatling cannons), but they pale in comparison to the 105mm Howitzer.  It does far more damage (in the game and real life) than a standard 105mm tank round; because they add a lot of metal flack to it – again, in real life and the game.  Very much a one shot one kill weapon.

As a longtime player of Battlefield 1942 on Mac OS, I have experienced much joy, but it wasn’t until I installed the Desert Combat mod that the game really came to life for me.  It is within this mod that the Spectre gunship resides – in the Gazala level specifically.

How can you enjoy some 105 goodness yourself?  Well, first you need your own copy of Battlefield 1942, and then you need to download and install the free Desert Combat mod.  This mod will replace all the old WWII weapons with modern ones, but not permanently – only when you load it as a custom game.  The game is great without the mod, but amazing with it.  It requires a G4 867MHz+ and a Radeon or Geforce GPU.

You can read more about Battlefield 1942, and other Mac OS games that run on PowerPC, in the post I made on PowerPC Liberation here.


I took some screens of my 105 carnage:


Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 9Picture 10

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  1. markelliott says:

    Great post! This game looks really fun. I will definitely pick up a copy. They aren’t expensive on Amazon.

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